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Are you interested in where the development of information systems for power engineering, industry, e-Health/telemedicine and IoT technologies is heading? Then sign up for the 3rd Zoom At Technology online conference.

We have prepared for you 7 pulsating topics focused on a specific field, broadcast in the form of hourly webinars twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from mid-February to mid-March 2021.

Choose a topic that interests you! In previous years, we have been watched by experts from almost 100 countries around the world, and this year we are preparing news and innovative solutions that will support the development of your company.

The recording of the broadcast is in Czech and English.

The conference is organized by the Czech company ZAT a. s. is a leader in the development of control systems for power engineering, industry and IoT technology with the implementation of orders in 70 countries.


The conference has already taken place. Didn't you have the opportunity to watch? Don't despair, you can also look at individual webinars from the recording.

Changes in the structure of the energy mix in favor of RES renewable energy sources and ecology

RES account for 25% of global energy construction. Why did the industry grow, when it started and can its culmination be estimated? Join us in a discussion about the success of technology companies in the age of water, sun and wind.

Martin Hamáček business manager
Miroslav Košař business manager
Marek Polák project manager

Ecology in practice on classical energy sources emission reduction, ecology

With the diversion of EU countries from coal incineration, waste recovery is coming to the fore. Another way to decarbonize thermal energy is to reduce emissions during combustion. What does this mean for thermal power plant operators in practice? Find out how ZAT can help you adapt to legislation, not just in the European Union.

František Kural business manager
Marek Polák project manager

"Energy from A to Z" - the path of energy from the source to the consumer resources, transmission and energy consumption

The rapid development of the energy market goes hand in hand with increased demands to ensure the stability and continuity of energy supplies. Reliable management of distribution networks, efficient diagnostics and automated data management are key, and at the same time bring a number of savings. What is it about? More at the online workshop.

Martin Hamáček business manager
Petr Hasman manager business group
Jiří Peroutka project manazer
Pavel Kulík director of the Technical development unit

From the technician to the manager thanks to clearly visualized data control rooms, information clearly

The brave can rely on their own intuition to make decisions. However, you can make reliable decisions only on the basis of factual data and their quality interpretation. Let's focus on the possibilities of data processing from various sources, their visualization and use for operational management or strategy creation.

Adam Heller project manager
Jan Švimberský developer

Smart management of buildings and companies energy saving, facility management, IOT

The coronavirus crisis brought fundamental changes in the use of private and public spaces. Are you interested in how to reduce the operating costs of your offices or buildings, how to increase the quality of the indoor environment or how to easily manage their occupancy? See how new IoT technologies make your budget more enjoyable.

manager business group
Michaela Vlčková manager expert group

21st century healthcare health, telemedicine

The current situation has accelerated the development of telemedicine. Are you interested in the latest e-health technologies for higher efficiency of medical care management in hospitals and medical facilities? Do you want to expand your portfolio of products and services with innovative solutions and modern medical devices in accordance with the new MDR legislation? Join in and find out more.

Ondřej Rinke marketing specialist
Ladislav Kopecký head of technical development of applications

Come with us to manage nuclear resources safely and reliably nuclear energy

Thanks to its clean and safe operation, the nuclear is an indispensable source of energy. One of the directions of its development are also small modular reactors. Will a small reactor become a reality in every city? Come with us to discuss the future of the use of nuclear energy.

Jan Homut director of the Nuclear Energy Unit - primary circuit
Martin Konop leader of the Safety SW group
Karel Stočes director of the Marketing and trade unit

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